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Fun Carpets and Rugs Made Just For Kids


Whether you’re looking to carpet your daycare or shopping for play rugs at school, our pals at offer a variety of options at shockingly low costs.


Kid Carpet offers a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. From colorful ABC, sitting rugs to rugs with educational number patterns, there’s something for every care provider and teacher. Check out states, countries and continents with map rugs. Learn new languages with bilingual rugs.


Kid Carpet is the only place where care centers and schools can purchase carpet and rugs directly from the factory, cutting back on any unnecessary costs from the middle men.


And because we know just how much you’d love Kid Carpet’s products, we want to make their low prices even lower by offering you this special deal:


Save $10 on your order when you enter “Mom Trusted” at checkout.

Offer expires October 31, 2013. Offer good for one order.


To top it off, you’re even spreading a little love when you buy from Kid Carpet. A portion of every single purchase goes to Cooperative of Education so order your rugs from today!

Healthy Eating Made Easy for Kids


As we’ve seen in everything from newspapers to scientific reports, there’s a major childhood obesity epidemic in the U.S. One of the most important factors in fighting obesity is portion control and the goal of our friends at Portion Size Matters is just that.



Portion Size Matters strives to help childcare providers feed their children in the healthiest ways. Learning good eating habits at the earliest of age can help kids lead healthy lifestyles as they grow. The kid’s portion plates teach children what and how much to eat of the recommended portions from all food groups. The individualized sections of the 8.5-inch plate come labeled with recommendations of all food groups. Simply fill each section and your little one is set for a healthy meal or snack.



The Portion Plates come in a variety of kid friendly bright colors, FDA approved, BPA-Free and Dishwasher safe for commercial and home use. The simple-to-use Portion Plate makes it easy for children to fill up their plate while teaching them healthy habits from a young age.



Remember, teaching healthy eating habits now can help ensure children grow into healthy adulthood. So order your Portion Plate today!




See More at

Also get FREE SHIPPING when you email or call 501-993-6607 and tell them you want your Free Shipping on your plate order.

Looking for a way to make naptime easier?


Happi-Nappi provides naptime necessities to make snooze time simple for children, care providers and parents with quality products. At Mom Trusted, we know how stressful childcare can be and we’re here to make it easier for you. We’ve found that Happi-Nappi’s cot sheets, mat sheets and nap bags will do just that!



Most states require each child to have both top and bottom sheets covering the cot or mat. Providing two separate pieces for every single child makes washing a hassle. Plus storing and keeping up with the covers becomes a mess. Happi-Nappi offers one unit instead of two. It saves lots of time because the entire lightweight naptime sheets or nap bags can be thrown in the wash for a quick cleaning. It makes the center look clean and crisp with matching sheets or nap bags. The children love the security of the attached pieces when they’re snuggling in for their afternoon naps.



The cute sheets and bags come in a variety of colors and patterns. The sheets are made with high quality USA sheeting materials. The nap bag is made with soft, quilted material. Each item is sewn closed on one side to make for easy opening and simple naptime. You will not find scratchy Velcro, inexpensive elastic or paper thin fabric used in any of our products. Every item is sewn with reinforced seams. Happi-Nappi offers high-quality products that are made right here in the U.S. and will stay in great shape for years to come.



Since the sheets and bags are nice and light, they’ll fold up easily to be stored on a shelf or in a cubby. They fold to the volume of a folded beach towel. It is much easier to store than a bulky sleeping bag or towels.



The sheets and nap bags even come with a sewn-in, oversized nametag for quick and easy identification. Order your Happi-Nappi’s today! When ordering, make sure you use the code “MT” to receive a discount of 15% off!

Happy Valentines Day! +Beautiful Hand Drawn Coloring Sheet


Happy Valentines Day from the Team!

Just click the image above to download the printable coloring sheet.

Your Toddler and TV: Why it’s Unhealthy

Children who increased the number of hours a week they spent watching TV between the ages of 2 and 4 may risk weight problems later on in life, a new study shows. After surveying the TV habits of more than 1,300 children, the Canadian study found that children whose weekly TV intake increased over the two-year time period had a higher-than-average waist circumference by age 10, and may have a greater chance of becoming overweight as adults.


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children older than 2 not watch more than two hours of TV per day. The study found watching 18 hours of TV a week at 4.5 years of age would result in an extra 7.6 millimeters of waistline by age 10. Watching more than the recommended amount of TV may set up these youngsters for weight problems in high school and into adulthood.


Remaining sedentary throughout the day and eating nutrient-rich food is primarily to blame for the study’s results. The average amount of time spent in front of the TV was 8.8 hours per week at the start of the study (age 2). This increased to 14.8 hours per week by the end of the study two years later. Although XL toddler Halloween costumes may seem cute now, it may actually be an indication of a problem your child will battle later in life.


Changes You Can Make

If you’re a parent with a baby or a toddler, there are certain things you can do to limit their time spent in front of the TV and nip this potential health problem in the bud. First, permit your child to watch no more than two hours of TV per day. This includes movies. Encourage them go outside and be active; sign them up for peewee sports teams or just give them something to do in the great outdoors. Yes, it’s OK to make them do it – you are the parent, after all. Just like watching TV, playing sports and being outside enjoying Mother Nature are also habit-forming. An active lifestyle allows kids less time to be sedentary.


Remember to limit what they eat while watching TV, or eliminate this entirely. Give them nutritional supplements from companies such as Fortune-Hi Tech Marketing to help ensure they are getting the correct amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Eating a box of cookies while watching TV is a fast track to cardiovascular problems later in life, as well as put them at risk for diabetes and other complications.


Make TV Time Count

If your toddler is going to watch TV for an extended period of time, make sure it’s educational, like “Sesame Street” or “Dora the Explorer” – at least they’ll be working out their minds, if not moving their bodies.


Serious Health Risks

Beyond the health risks associated with a child being overweight and possibly diabetic, there are other negative effects of watching so much TV. The toddler years are an important developmental phase and habits children learn during this time are often formed for the rest of their lives. Excessive TV may also lead to social problems, as TV is no substitute for real-world interaction with children their own age.

Setting limits on the amount of TV your child can watch is only part of the battle. Making healthy choices like using FHTM products and getting your children outside will also help your child want to be healthier and more active.

Lenny Houston A nutritionist and weight trainer, Lenny has also devoted much of his time to creating healthy and delicious recipes for people with food restrictions and allergies. He is currently working on a cookbook for the vegan, gluten free and diabetic.

Kids Parties: Five Hosting Tips for Moms

Busy moms know how hard it is to host a budget-friendly kid’s party. From the decorations to the food to the goody bags, kids’ parties can be expensive and stressful. Yet every child needs, wants and deserves a celebration on their special day. Instead of blowing the family’s budget on a single party, implement five money saving trips that also eliminate stress.

Choose a Theme

Is your child into Batman, zebras or princesses? Give your child the chance to decide on the theme, and dress up in a costume that he or she may already have.

With a theme and early preparation, you limit stress. Instead of running out at the last minute to buy matching paper plates and napkins, you already have everything you need. Save money and your sanity by choosing a theme and getting your shopping done early.

Accessorize the Decorations

Character-themed birthday decorations can get expensive and are sometimes challenging to find. Instead of buying themed tablecloths, centerpieces, balloons and wall hangings, choose one or two well-placed decorations.

A single table decoration or tablecloth conveys the theme without cluttering the party venue. You can always add party ambiance by using coordinating colors for balloons and the paper products. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also keep your sanity when accessorize the party decorations.

Serve Simple Food

A hand-carved watermelon looks cute if you have time and money to add it to the menu. Realistically, most moms need simple and affordable foods their kids and guests will love.

When planning a birthday party, choose simple, fun foods. Think easy finger foods like mini hot dogs, apple slices or pretzels and cheese. And don’t forget the cake. If you let the guests frost their own cupcakes, you save time and provide a fun mid-party activity.

Eliminate the Party Favors

Instead of spending time and money on finding the perfect gift for your party guests, either eliminate party favors altogether or make a craft during the party. The guests can decorate small wooden picture frames, bead necklaces or paint T-shirts. These crafts serve as effective and affordable party favors for your budget.

Limit the Guest List

Inviting everyone your child knows takes a bite out of your party budget. Does your child really want or need the entire preschool class, tee ball team or dance studio at the birthday party? Not only do more guests increase your stress, but they also add cost to the party.

It’s OK to be selective when choosing the guest list. Invite only a handful of friends for an informal sleepover. Maybe you want to limit the party to only boys or girls. A family party with only one or two special friends also eliminates extra expense and stress.

Throwing a special birthday party for your child celebrates his or her importance. Hosting a budget-friendly party doesn’t limit the fun. Instead, it gives yourself permission to enjoy the day without blowing your budget.

Kids Apps: Ads, Upsells, and Privacy

With more than 700,000 apps in Apple’s app store, it can be hard to decide which apps are suitable for your child to use. Here are some aspects to consider before allowing children and teens to download new apps.
Educational value
Some games are educational, but most apps aren’t designed to teach new skills. It’s important to make a decision about how educational you want your child’s experience to be before handing over the phone.
In-app Advertisements
Most free apps make money through advertisements, but services such as AdMob and iAd don’t offer creators any control over the ads displayed. Because ad content isn’t chosen by the developers, unrelated (and even adult) content can show up in apps aimed at a younger audience. For younger children, the best option is to avoid ad-supported apps entirely by upgrading to a paid version or simply using a different app.
Paid Content
Speaking of upgrades, what about apps that constantly alert kids and ask them to buy paid content? SpongeBob Diner Dash was removed from the Apple App Store earlier this week after complaints from parents about the game’s promotional notifications. Thankfully, app descriptions are typically up-front about what paid upgrades are available.
Major newspapers around the country have reported on privacy holes in popular mobile apps. Earlier this month, the FTC called the lack of transparency from app creators “disappointing”. According to the FTC, mobile apps intended for children have been found to track phone numbers, contact list, call logs, and even track the location of the device.
For those of us with older children, mobile privacy remains an issue, and the solution isn’t always clear. Even games that don’t require the user’s physical location, such as Angry Birds, frequently track them for marketing reasons. The Wall Street Journal published a report on some of the most popular apps, and found that even simple dictionary apps can transmit location to third parties.
Apple’s built-in restrictions offer only the most basic options, and require that you remember a password to make changes. If you forget this password, the device must be wiped and everything set up from scratch. AppCertain offers a better solution. AppCertain created a free service that helps parents monitor which apps get installed on a family’s iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. It takes seconds to create an account and install the security profile on the devices you want to monitor. After following these simple steps, AppCertain will send you an email within 24 hours every time a new app is downloaded. This email will have descriptions of the apps being installed, plus extra information like:
Educational content
Whether the app tracks location
Does the app display advertisements?
How much the app costs
AppCertain is working on innovative ways for you to manage your family’s mobile devices. Simple instructions on signing up for free app monitoring service are available here.
Griffin Boyce of AppCertain is an expert on privacy and anonymity, and has been interviewed by The Washington Post and CNET on these topics. He is also an app developer.

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