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Healthy Eating Made Easy for Kids


As we’ve seen in everything from newspapers to scientific reports, there’s a major childhood obesity epidemic in the U.S. One of the most important factors in fighting obesity is portion control and the goal of our friends at Portion Size Matters is just that.



Portion Size Matters strives to help childcare providers feed their children in the healthiest ways. Learning good eating habits at the earliest of age can help kids lead healthy lifestyles as they grow. The kid’s portion plates teach children what and how much to eat of the recommended portions from all food groups. The individualized sections of the 8.5-inch plate come labeled with recommendations of all food groups. Simply fill each section and your little one is set for a healthy meal or snack.



The Portion Plates come in a variety of kid friendly bright colors, FDA approved, BPA-Free and Dishwasher safe for commercial and home use. The simple-to-use Portion Plate makes it easy for children to fill up their plate while teaching them healthy habits from a young age.



Remember, teaching healthy eating habits now can help ensure children grow into healthy adulthood. So order your Portion Plate today!




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