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Kids Parties: Five Hosting Tips for Moms

Busy moms know how hard it is to host a budget-friendly kid’s party. From the decorations to the food to the goody bags, kids’ parties can be expensive and stressful. Yet every child needs, wants and deserves a celebration on their special day. Instead of blowing the family’s budget on a single party, implement five money saving trips that also eliminate stress.

Choose a Theme

Is your child into Batman, zebras or princesses? Give your child the chance to decide on the theme, and dress up in a costume that he or she may already have.

With a theme and early preparation, you limit stress. Instead of running out at the last minute to buy matching paper plates and napkins, you already have everything you need. Save money and your sanity by choosing a theme and getting your shopping done early.

Accessorize the Decorations

Character-themed birthday decorations can get expensive and are sometimes challenging to find. Instead of buying themed tablecloths, centerpieces, balloons and wall hangings, choose one or two well-placed decorations.

A single table decoration or tablecloth conveys the theme without cluttering the party venue. You can always add party ambiance by using coordinating colors for balloons and the paper products. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also keep your sanity when accessorize the party decorations.

Serve Simple Food

A hand-carved watermelon looks cute if you have time and money to add it to the menu. Realistically, most moms need simple and affordable foods their kids and guests will love.

When planning a birthday party, choose simple, fun foods. Think easy finger foods like mini hot dogs, apple slices or pretzels and cheese. And don’t forget the cake. If you let the guests frost their own cupcakes, you save time and provide a fun mid-party activity.

Eliminate the Party Favors

Instead of spending time and money on finding the perfect gift for your party guests, either eliminate party favors altogether or make a craft during the party. The guests can decorate small wooden picture frames, bead necklaces or paint T-shirts. These crafts serve as effective and affordable party favors for your budget.

Limit the Guest List

Inviting everyone your child knows takes a bite out of your party budget. Does your child really want or need the entire preschool class, tee ball team or dance studio at the birthday party? Not only do more guests increase your stress, but they also add cost to the party.

It’s OK to be selective when choosing the guest list. Invite only a handful of friends for an informal sleepover. Maybe you want to limit the party to only boys or girls. A family party with only one or two special friends also eliminates extra expense and stress.

Throwing a special birthday party for your child celebrates his or her importance. Hosting a budget-friendly party doesn’t limit the fun. Instead, it gives yourself permission to enjoy the day without blowing your budget.

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