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Tips on Toddler Discipline

They call them the terrible twos for a reason. Toddlers are at an age where they don’t quite understand the world around them, but they certainly want to explore it. Because they lack a sense of limitations and boundaries, toddlers are known for getting into trouble now and then. But toddler discipline shouldn’t result in crushing their spirit or curiosity. Mom Trusted is here to offer parents and childcare workers alike tips on toddler discipline in an effort to teach little ones, not punish them.


Distract a tantrum thrower.

Distraction is a great technique for avoiding a toddler tantrum. If you see a screaming fit coming on, quickly engage the child in another interesting activity. Sing a song, read a book or play with a toy, really anything will work. You can also use this behavior if you catch your kid about to do something naughty, such as about to play with the stove.


Consistency is key.

Toddlers are still learning and aren’t trying to be deceitful, but genuinely don’t know right from wrong yet. Correcting the same wrong behavior every single time helps teach them.


Use bribery rarely.

No, bribing your children doesn’t make you a bad parent or teacher, but it is a technique that should hardly ever be used. Think about it this way, the rarity of this disciplinary tactic will only add to its power.


Don’t take it personally.

Acting out doesn’t mean kids don’t like you or that they’re bad children. They’re just exploring their boundaries.


Reward good behavior.

When a child does something correctly, let them know. Clap and smile. Positive reinforcement works better than any type of discipline.




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