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Homemade Valentines for Kids

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start crafting cards. Looking for cute ideas for homemade valentines? Look no further! MomTrusted found some of the most creative card crafts for little ones:


Tissue Paper Valentines

Load up on pink, red and white sheets of tissue paper, construction paper and some glue. Cut big hearts out of the construction paper and cut the tissue paper into small squares- anywhere from two to four-inch squares will work perfectly. Then scrunch up each square one by one, dip it in glue and stick it onto the construction paper heart.


*Tip: To avoid a gooey mess, soak a sponge in glue and set it in plastic Tupperware. That way, children just have to press paper on the sponge, instead of aiming the sticky stream of glue.


Lollipop Butterfly Valentines

Cut the four wings of a simply shaped butterfly out of pink, purple or red construction paper. Fold the butterfly in half and tape a sucker along the crease so that the round part pops out over the paper (this part will be the butterfly’s head). Then glue two googly eyes onto the butterfly’s head. Encourage your kids to decorate the wings and help them write Valentine’s Day messages.


*Tip: If you plan on letting your little one do the cutting, make a stencil for them to follow for difficult shapes like the butterfly wings.


Candy Pillow Valentines

Staple two paper hearts together and stuff the paper pillow with a handful of candy like sweethearts, Skittles or M&Ms. Before you stuff the hearts, have your little ones decorate the outside with paint, markers and even glitter. Just remember to let the art dry before you start stapling and stuffing them.


*Safety tip: Leave the stapling to the grownups.



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