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How to Make Musical Instruments for Kids

Homemade musical instruments are fun to make and to play. Here’s how to make musical instruments for kids:


Homemade Guitars

You’ll need an empty tissue box, a few rubber bands, an empty paper towel roll and a pencil.


Step 1: Have a parent or teacher cut an oval hole in the center of the tissue box.


Step 2: Stretch four rubber bands across the box and the center of the hole.


Step 3:Slide a pencil under the rubber bands, near the top of the box.


Step 4:Tape or glue the paper towel tube to the end that doesn’t have the pencil. This is the guitar’s handle. Strum away!
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Homemade Rainsticks

To make your own homemade rainsticks, you’ll need an empty paper towel roll, dried beans, aluminum foil, a brown paper grocery bag and markers.


Step 1: Trace the circular end of your paper towel tube onto a brown paper bag. Then, trace a circle around the first, making it about two inches larger. Cut one-inch thick straps between the first and second line. Glue the flaps to the paper towel roll.


Step 2: Cut tinfoil six inches wide and 150% the length of the roll. Squish the foil into a long strip and then twist it into a spiraling spring.


Step 3: Place the foil coil into your tube and fill 1/10 of the tube with dried beans. If you don’t have beans, popcorn or dry rice will also work.


Step 4: Repeat step 1 on the open end of the tube.


Step 5: Decorate the tube with markers or paint and let the glue dry.


Homemade Drums

Make your own drums using a cardboard oatmeal container, a brown paper bag and your choice of decorative items, such as glitter, sequins and ribbons.


Step 1: Cut and glue the brown paper bag to fit the outside of the oatmeal container.


Step 2: Have the kids glue decorative items all over the drum.


Step 3: snap the lid on and you’re ready to play!



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