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The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge 2013

Fifty-four kids, ages 8 to 12, attended the second annual State Dinner, hosted at the White House by Michelle Obama. They were there on July 13 to celebrate winning the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. At dinner, some of the winners’ healthy recipes, submitted by the kids that were affordable and easy, were served to the guests. A child and guardian from each state attended.


There were 54 winning dishes in total (one from each of the states and each U.S. territory). The recipes hit a wide variety of flavors, ingredients and courses. Some salad favorites included Colorado’s Nicholas Hornbostel de Moura e Silva’s sushi salad and Ingrid Gruber’s, from D.C., Inga Binga’s Salmon Salad. North Carolina’s Vijay Dey won with her famous spring rolls and Campbell Kielb, from Virginia, made the list with her orange-chicken lettuce wraps.


The winners were selected from over 1,300 entries. They shined and dined with one another, making new friends and supporting healthy eating around the country. The dinner was set to mirror official State dinners, allowing the kids to see what it’s like to be a world leader. Michelle thanked the kids and parents for their hard work and healthy leadership skills. President Obama even made a surprise visit.


The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge was founded to compliment Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move campaign. Let’s Move focuses on making healthy food more available, in both schools and homes, and encouraging kids to stay physically active. The First Lady’s initiative is meant to fight obesity and teach healthy lifestyles in children, helping them lead healthier lives.


To try some of the winning recipes for yourself, download the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge Cookbook for free.



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Help Kids PLAY Their Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

When kids think eating right, they cringe at brussel sprouts and broccoli, but the Eat to Win game makes learning about a healthy lifestyle fun. Not only does the engaging game help parents and childcare centers teach about the major food groups, but it also stresses the importance of staying active. This gives children the right tools to lead a healthy life for years to come.



Teaching little ones the importance of eating right and exercising regularly is more important than ever before. Childhood obesity has doubled in the last 30 years, affecting over one third of children in the U.S, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But Eat to Win makes teaching these life lessons fun!



Eat to Win was created by a concerned mom whose own child struggled with weight issues. The games were made to encourage nutrition and exercise for kids of all ages.



They’re also a ton of fun! Daycare director Chris Bicknell was shocked to find how the games captured her children’s attention. “I was able to keep 18 children all under the age of four’s attention while using the Eat to Win Flashcards,” said Bicknell. “Our center absolutely LOVES these products!”



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