FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Irwin, Penn. Mom Wins $1000 to Pay for Child Care from Mom Trusted

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Irwin, Penn. Mom Wins $1000 to Pay for Child Care from Mom Trusted



IRWIN, Penn.—In an economy where every penny counts, a local mom found help with the rising cost of childcare in the form of a $1000 scholarship from Mom Trusted, an online community bringing together parents with childcare providers and preschools.


An Irwin schoolteacher and mom of an 11-month-old and a 4-year-old, Mom Trusted Scholarship Winner Lisa Klugh knows firsthand about juggling the need for a great program for her kids with the high costs. “For the last 3 years I was lucky enough to have parents who were able to juggle owning their own business and watching my daughter 2 days a week,” said Klugh. “However, my son came along last October and then it was too difficult for them to juggle all of it.” Klugh’s parents found they would not be able to manage their business along with the care of a toddler and an infant. The cost to keep both children in their existing program full-time would have been more than her mortgage, Klugh said.


“I was devastated by the thought of taking them somewhere else and losing the wonderful teachers and all their friends so I googled ‘scholarships for preschool’ and found Mom Trusted on the last day of the scholarship giveaway in a last ditch effort to keep them at their school — although I knew it would never be feasible!”


Though Klugh eventually chose a less-expensive program, the scholarship winner is grateful for the help. “We’re so excited to have won this; it will help us right before Christmas!  Our children mean the world to us and having a wonderful education is the greatest gift we can give them!” said Klugh.

“Mom Trusted wants to help families find quality childcare and preschool providers, and we know that can be tough in the best of times. We are so pleased to help Lisa and others like her in a time when we know families struggle to find the best care at a price they can afford,” said Angela Conley, Co-founder and President at Mom Trusted.


About Mom Trusted

Mom Trusted ( is a community of parents and early education & child care providers. We help parents find education and care trusted by their friends. Parents can research providers, get the inside scoop from current and alumni parents, and see which providers are recommended by their friends network. Using Mom Trusted Connect, enrolled parents and their providers stay connected and can share the great moments that happen every day with private photo sharing, classroom discussions, and announcements.


For more information, please visit our website at Our next scholarship will end December 31, 2012.  Parents can enter here: Also, we love people to “like” us on Facebook ( and follow us on Pinterest (


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