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Where to find your dream nanny in Seattle

Looking for a nanny in Seattle to watch your kids during the days can be a challenge. You’re trusting her with your most precious cargo: your children. You want to make sure that she’s qualified, trustworthy and someone your little ones will enjoy spending time with. Here are some tips for exactly where to find the perfect nanny in Seattle and its surrounding areas:


Ask friends for recommendations

Maybe a friend recently stopped working full time so he or she no longer needs their nanny. If your friends don’t want to share (trust us, it’s not uncommon with a great nanny in Seattle), ask them to ask their nannies for suggestions. Remember that the good ones tend to flock together so if a quality sitter or nanny recommends a friend, odds are she’s high in rank too.


Ask around at local community events

Let neighbors and friends in your community know you’re on the hunt. A lot of times, someone knows someone who has a great nanny in mind. Ask around at your local farmer’s market or church to see if anyone comes to anyone’s mind.


Look on Mom Trusted:

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