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Special Needs Preschools in Brooklyn New York

We’ve been getting requests for resources on special need preschools, so I would like to start compiling lists to make it easier for parents.  You may also go directly to MomTrusted.comto search for special needs preschools in your area. Just enter your zip code, then select the special needs and preschool checkboxes on the map page.

Here’s the preschool list for Brooklyn. Click on the Preschool Name to learn more about them.

The Child Study Center of New York- 167-171 Clermont Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

The Children’s Center For Early Learning- 83 Marlborough Road, Brooklyn, NY 11226

The Guild For Exceptional Children- 1273 57 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219

Yaled V’ Yalda Early Childhood Center- 563 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Yelad V’ Yalda Head Start- 600 Mcdonald Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11218

Yeled V’ Yalda Early Head Start- 1263 38th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218

Yeled V’ Yalda Early Childhood- 6012 Farragut Road, Brooklyn, NY 11236

Yeled V’ Yalda Early Childhood Center- 2166 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Yeled V’ Yalda Gan Ysroel Head Start- 3909 15 Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11218

Yeled V’ Yalda Head Start- 1353 50 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219

Yeled V’ Yalda Head Start- 4206 15 Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219

Yeled V’ Yalda Head Start- 6002 Farragut Road, Brooklyn, NY 11236

Yeled V’ Yalda Head Start- 1601 42nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204

Yeled V’ Yalda Early Childhood Center- 204 Keap Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Yeled V’ Yalda Early Childhood Center- 407 East 53 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11203

Yeled V’ Yalda Early Childhood Center- 5110 18 Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11204

Yeled V’ Yalda Early Head Start- 6012 Farragut Road, Brooklyn, NY 11236

Yeled V’ Yalda Head Start- 12 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Yeled V’ Yalda Head Start- 667 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11213

Kings Bay YM-YWHA- 3495 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11229

Kingsbay Y Afterschool Annex- 3043 Avenue W 1st Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11229

A.M.A. Family Daycare- 350 East 9th st., Brooklyn, NY 11218


Child Care Centers for all of Texas NOW AVAILABLE!

Attention Texas Parents:

We now have licensed child care centers in Texas on!

Now find child care in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Garland, and ALL locations in Texas on now!

Child Care Centers for all of New York NOW AVAILABLE!

Attention New York Parents:

We now have licensed child care centers in New York on!



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New York City child care, New York City preschools, New York City inhome family care, New York City nannies, and New York City babysitters.

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Rochester child care, Rochester preschools, Rochester inhome family care, Rochester nannies, and Rochester babysitters.

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Syracuse child care, Syracuse preschools, Syracuse inhome family care, Syracuse nannies, and Syracuse babysitters.

Albany child care, Albany preschools, Albany inhome family care, Albany nannies, and Albany babysitters.

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Cheektowaga child care, Cheektowaga preschools, Cheektowaga inhome family care, Cheektowaga nannies, and Cheektowaga babysitters.

Mount Vernon child care, Mount Vernon preschools, Mount Vernon inhome family care, Mount Vernon nannies, and Mount Vernon babysitters.

Schenectady child care, Schenectady preschools, Schenectady inhome family care, Schenectady nannies, and Schenectady babysitters.

and ALL locations in New York on now!

Best Parent Blogs in Ohio

My picks for the top 20ish mom (+1 dad) blogs in Ohio.  They are all a little different, so I like them for different reasons.

Stop, Drop, and Blog – Fun theme, beautiful pictures, down to earth posts

Classy Chaos – Fun and sophisticated

Mommy Bits – Writings about family, life, and tech

Ms. Single Mama – Packed with tons of great content and videos

Mom of 2 Peas – This blog makes me smile

Working Moms Against Guilt – 4 moms write about working, kids, and guilt

Classic Ivory – Cute blog about Lindsey and her family

The Life of Dad – Humorous writings about parenting and fatherhood

Paper Glue Etc. – Eclectic and thoughtful

The Bird’s Nest – Lots of fun stuff packed in this blog

The Tomecko Echo – Just an honest look at life

Mom Going Green – Going green for a healthy family and earth

Mommin’ It Up – 2 moms writing about life with kids

Starr Family Blog – Lovely designed blog with lovely photos of life

Family Friendly Cincinnati – Family friendly dining, events, and attractions in Cincinnati

Akron Ohio Moms – Giveaways, Food, and Reviews

Being Mom2Amara – Just feels real…Like a close friend

So This Is Life – Blog about life + cute crafts

Mandi Minding Money – Deals and money saving tips

Bullfrogs and Butterflies Baby – Product Reviews

A Busy Mom of Two – Who can’t relate to a busy mom? :)

DustinNikki Mommy of Three – Giveaways and Products

Know any other really great Ohio parent blogs?  Post your top pick here in the comments! :)

Child Care Centers for all of California NOW AVAILABLE!

Attention California Parents:

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Los Angeles child care Los Angeles preschools Los Angeles inhome family care Los Angeles nannies Los Angeles babysitters

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Santa Ana child care Santa Ana preschools Santa Ana inhome family care Santa Ana nannies Santa Ana babysitters

Anaheim child care Anaheim preschools Anaheim inhome family care Anaheim nannies Anaheim babysitters

Fresno child care Fresno preschools Fresno inhome family care Fresno nannies Fresno babysitters

San Francisco child care San Francisco preschools San Francisco inhome family care San Francisco nannies San Francisco babysitters

Sacramento child care Sacramento preschools Sacramento inhome family care Sacramento nannies Sacramento babysitters

Oakland child care Oakland preschools Oakland inhome family care Oakland nannies Oakland babysitters

San Jose child care San Jose preschools San Jose inhome family care San Jose nannies San Jose babysitters

and California Child Care, California InHome Centers, California Preschools, California Nannies, and California Babysitters…… for ALL locations in the state!

Child Care Centers for all of Ohio NOW AVAILABLE!

Attention Ohio Parents:

We now have all licensed child care centers in Ohio on! 

Now find:

- Akron Child Care, Akron Inhome Centers, Akron Preschools, Akron Nannies, and Akron Babysitters.

- Cincinnati Child Care, Cincinnati Inhome Centers, Cincinnati Preschools, Cincinnati Nannies, and Cincinnati Babysitters.

- Cleveland Child Care, Cleveland Inhome Centers, Cleveland Preschools, Cleveland Nannies, and Cleveland Babysitters.

- Columbus Child Care, Columbus Inhome Centers, Columbus Preschools, Columbus Nannies, and Columbus Babysitters.

- Dayton Child Care, Dayton Inhome Centers, Dayton Preschools, Dayton Nannies, and Dayton Babysitters.

- Toledo Child Care, Toledo Inhome Centers, Toledo Preschools, Toledo Nannies, and Toledo Babysitters.

and ALL Ohio Child Care, Ohio Inhome Centers, Ohio Preschools, Ohio Nannies, and Ohio Babysitters.

It’s more than just finding child care…

It’s about creating a safe environment to find child care.

249smiles was created with the backdrop of random Craigslist posts and people telling us to look in the phone book for centers.  What can you learn from the phone book besides for a name and address?  How scary is it to talk to people about caring for your child who have no photo, no information, no parent references?  And why are these the only resources to find care for our dearest loved ones?

With 249smiles the search is safer and just makes more sense!  Our providers can upload photos of themselves, their employees, or facilities, they can give you important (need to know) information, you can get a sense of their philosophies, other parents can leave comments and ratings of the providers, and most importantly, you can contact those parents to ask specific questions about their experiences with the babysitter, nanny, or daycare provider.

It’s about making the important connections with other parents.

We found (in our own experience and in research) that parents don’t generally make the child care decision alone or based on an advertisement…they decide to entrust their child with someone because another parent told them about their great experience with them.  The got a good recommendation from someone they trusted.  They heard it from the mouth of another mother “yeah, my child went there and we all loved it!”  We base our decisions on other people experiences and 249smiles supports that!

It’s about finding the best child care.

There are many different types, styles, and philosophies of child care and that’s great!  There’s no universal ‘good’…we know different characteristics are good for different families.   That’s why 249smiles believes transparency and sharing are key in this process.  Child care providers have the opportunity to really show what they’re all about and give you the information you need.  Learn from what they tell you and from what they don’t.  Ask them questions in the comment section of their profile so you can help other parents in the process.  When you see a child care provider doing something you love, make sure you’re asking other providers if their doing it too!  This is the only way child care providers know what’s important to parents.

Cool things child care providers are doing now:

- Step Up to Quality (for Ohio child care centers)

- Stars for Kids Now (for Kentucky child care centers)

- American Red Cross CPR and First Aid courses

- American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training

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