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CARE Fights Poverty, Helps Women and Families


Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere better known as CARE works hard to fight poverty across the globe. The organization focuses specifically on women who are working to care for families and children. CARE workers believe that, with the right information, tools and resources, women can help by joining their side to fight poverty in each of her own communities. Some of the organization’s main focuses include stopping the spread of disease, providing clean water to communities, especially those with many women and children, protecting their natural environments and helping to expand business and economical opportunities in each of these communities.


Throughout the previous year, CARE assisted women in 84 countries across the world. Some of those countries included Afghanistan, Sudan, Peru, Uganda, India, Haiti and Cambodia. Staff members and volunteers of CARE want to make a global effort to empower women and families spread throughout the world, struck by poverty.


The organization is funded by government agencies here in the U.S. The United Nations and the European Union also assist financially, along with hundreds of thousands of private donors from individuals to large corporations.


While CARE doesn’t normally take on volunteers, they’re grateful to any financial assistance that individuals, families or companies can afford.


Their headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia.




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