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Rewild the Child: Learning Outside of the Classroom


The idea of hands-on learning has been around for ages. But now, multiple studies are showing what we suspected all along: learning outside of the classroom is the best kind of learning around. It improves test scores, memory retention and overall attitude. Even learning the stuff in the books in the country side proves better than lining students up in desks.


King’s College London, one of the leading research universities in the world, found that learning in a natural environment ups performance in nearly all subject areas, including math, reading, social studies and science. According to the study performed by King’s College London, exploring their surrounding gets kids excited about learning, amping up their information intake and overall test skills.


According to author Stuart Nundy’s book Raising Achievement Through the Environment, learning outdoors, in open country, was actually found to improve memory. These are just a couple examples, among a slew of research that points toward one answer: keeping kids in the classroom is not the way to learn.


According to multiple studies, scientists and authors, kids learn better outside of the classroom, taking advantage of hands-on activities. Plain and simple.  George Monbiot breaks it all down for readers in his recent article, “Rewild the Child.”





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