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Five Ways to Make your Backyard More Fun for Kids

Backyards are prime spots for kids to let lose and run around. Playing outside can spark creativity as well as keep children active all summer long and well into the fall. Here are five ways to make your backyard more fun for kids:


Opt for a mud pit instead of a sandbox

Sand is the best, except for dirt, which has so many play options. With a little water, the dirt can be turned into clay and easily built into castles, cities and whatever else the little ones’ imagination inspires. Add a little more water and you have a messy mud pit. Just remember to hose off before letting them back inside!


Bury PVC pipes

Bury PVC pipes a few inches underground in a section of your garden, sandbox or anywhere else that’s not covered in grass. Make a maze of pipes and your kids will spend hours rolling their toy trucks and cars through them.


Plant a garden

Include the children when planning, planting and harvesting a backyard garden. Not only will they love lending a hand, but growing fresh fruit and veggies has a way of encouraging healthy eating habits.


Paint a chalkboard on your fence

Kids love drawing with chalk on pavement, but what if they could also do it on a special section of your fence? Purchase some chalkboard paint from your local paint store and put at least three solid coat on the desired area of the fence. Then let your kids’ imagination go wild.


Yarn bomb your own backyard

Yarn bombing, the trend of wrapping tree trunks in colorful yarn, has become popular in many urban areas. Why not bring it to your own backyard? Have your kids help pick out the brightest colors and then twist patterns around a few tree trunks in your yard. Not only is it an inexpensive way to add splashes of color to your yard, but the yarn won’t hurt the trees and it’s easy to remove when you get tired of it.


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