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Beat the Heat: 5 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

Looking for a way to stay cool this summer, even with little ones running around? Mom Trusted put together a list of ideas for how to beat the heat and they’re ways that the kids will love:


1. Squirt Guns

Invest in a few squirt guns and let your kids go wild. You don’t need to drop the big bucks on the super deluxe toys either. Head to your local dollar store or thrift shop and see if they have any squirt guns.


2. Cool Ice Cubes

Buy a few ice cube trays with fun shapes. Fill and freeze them. Then fill up a kiddie pool in the yard and plop them in. Let your children splash around in the pool and play with the fun shapes.


3. Make Use of the Shade

Don’t have AC? In that case, it’s extra important to take some down time so your kids don’t get overheated. Set up quieter activities in the shade. Try coloring, fun books or finger painting. This way they can settle down and regroup while a breeze cools them down.


4. Freeze Juice Boxes

Stick a pack of juice boxes or Capri Sun in the freezer. Take them out about an hour before you want to eat them. Then, have the kids help smash them, breaking up the big, frozen chunks. When they’re nice and crushed, cut off the tops, grab a spoon and you have your very own slushies!


5. Ice Chalk

Make a batch of ice chalk! Mix half-part water with half-park corn starch and pour the goo into a regular popsicle mold. Then, mix a different color of tempura paint into each section. Freeze and be sure to explain that these aren’t the edible popsicles that your children are probably used to! The ice chalk will help the kids stay cool, colorful and creative this summer.



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