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Easy Earth Day Snacks for Kids

All the Earth Day education can be exhausting and make little ones hungry. What better way to reenergize then munching on some easy Earth Day snacks for kids? Here are a few simple ideas for Mother Nature oriented eats to nibble on:


All Organic

Go natural with back-to-basics fruit and veggie platters. Throw in some humus to dip the veggies in.


Dirt Pudding

Pour chocolate pudding into a cup and spring crushed chocolate cookie crumbs on top. Then throw in a gummy worm and voila! Dirt pudding!


Pine Nuts

They’re part of pine trees, after all! Plant some evergreens in your local park and then feed your kids pine nuts.


Earth Krispie Treats

Make Rice Krispie treats following your regular recipe. But to make them a bit more festive, add a few drops of blue and green food coloring. Then swirl the colors throughout before setting the bars.


Ants on a Log

Bust out the classic ants on a log. Smear some peanut butter on slices of celery and place a few raisins on each.



Mix together some dried bananas and apples with a variety of nuts (be sure to check if anyone has peanut allergies first!) and pretzels.



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