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5 Ways to Bring Outdoor Activities Indoors

Have you read as many children’s books as you can stand and downed hot coco until it’s coming out of your ears? Stop longing for the long days of summer and bring some outdoor activities indoors with these 5 fun activities for toddlers.


Hopscotch inside

Who says you need a driveway for hopscotch? One of the easiest ways to bring outdoor activities indoors is by making a hopscotch board. Simply head to your local craft store, unroll about 10 feet of paper and use some markers to draw a colorful hopscotch board on it. Then let your cooped up kiddos jump around and let loose on the new toy.


Throw a pool party

Throw on some reggae, pour some pineapple juice and dig those swimsuits out of storage. Then grab your kids and pile into the bathtub, your own, personal pool. Invite Barbies and action figures to join! You can even blow up a mini beach ball to toss around. Just remember that this pool party should remain soap-free because a slippery bathtub can be dangerous.


Create tropical creatures

Use pipe cleaners to put together a whole jungle of tropical critters. From lizards to leopards, you’ll have your own rainforest in no time. Just start with a loop for each animals’ heads, coil around for their bodies and stick a few cut pieces on for the legs, tails, and tongues. You can even encourage your little ones to make trees, grass or water for their pipe cleaner animals to live in.


Stylish sunglasses

Buy a few cheap pairs of sunglasses and help your children glue summery decorations to them. Maybe you want to add shells, sequences and rhinestones. What better way to brighten a grey winter day?


Picnic time

Have an indoor picnic. Spread out a blanket in your living room and chow down on summer favorites like sandwiches, fresh fruit and lemonade. Plus, cleanup’s a breeze. When you’re done, just throw the blanket in the washer.



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