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Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Kids

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with kids. Appreciate the changes he made in society by explaining them to your little ones and organizing some fun activities. Here are some ways that you can celebrate Dr. King’s birthday with your child:


Bake a diverse dinner.

Explain to your child that Martin Luther King Jr. appreciated diversity. To celebrate, have your little one help you make a diverse dinner spread. Include an African appetizer, a German entrée, a Greek salad and an Iranian dessert. Not only will your little one be learning about all kinds of important cultures, but they’ll also be expanding their taste palette.


Visit a house of worship.

Dr. King was a minister so celebrate his birthday by appreciating his love of religion.  Even if you’re not religious. If you do practice a faith, trying attending a service that believes in a different one than your own. If you’re Jewish, head to a Catholic service. If you’re Lutheran, visit a Baptist church.


I have a dream.

Tell your child about how Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that his children would one day live in a nation that would not judge them by the color of their skin. Then ask about his or her own dream. Make the activity more fun by drawing pictures of these dreams.


Create your own parade.

Reenact a peace parade in your neighborhood. Have your children decorate their bikes and make peace posters. Encourage them to invite their friends and march through the neighborhood in the name of peace, diversity and Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.



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