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Fitness Tips for Moms on the Go

Sticking to New Year’s resolutions is never easy, but it’s even tougher for busy moms. Take the start of a new year as an opportunity to revamp your health plan. Here are some fitness tips for moms to help squeeze workouts into your busy schedule:


Set a routine

And stick to it! Pick a few days a week and put your workouts on your calendar. You already have everything from play dates to soccer games on it, so the best way to guarantee your own time is to pencil yourself in.


Overlap workout time with social time

No matter how hard you wish, there are only 24 hours in a day so take advantage of the little free time you can squeeze in. Get a group of friends together and go on a bike ride. Call up your sister for a running buddy. And socializing while you exercise will make burning calories a lot more fun!


Find a gym with daycare

Lots of gyms are family-friendly and have childcare options available. Many even have special playrooms so your kids can run around and get some exercise while you’re pounding away on the treadmill.


Sneak in mini workouts throughout the day

Don’t have time to set aside for the gym each day? No problem. Just sneak in simple exercises like crunches, pushups, squats or planks during nap time or while your little one’s tuned into Sesame Street. If you do so on a daily basis, you could start seeing results within a month.


Bring your toddler along

Can your little one join in on the fun? Coordinate a stroller run with other moms or buy a bike with a child seat on the back.


Don’t forget about what you’re already doing

Chasing a toddler around, cleaning the house and walking the dog are workouts in themselves. Pick up a pedometer to see just how much ground you’re covering every day.




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