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Holiday Travel: Tips for Traveling with Kids

It’s that time of year again. The best part of the holidays? Family, friends, decorations, cheer and homemade food. The worst? Traveling with children. So before you end up in a screaming match with a migraine, read MomTrusted tips for success when traveling with children:


Allow for extra time

By this time, you’re an old pro. You can pack bags, dress and feed the kids and pile everyone into the car faster than a snowman on skis, but allow some extra time when you’re dealing with a big trip. Maybe you realize you forgot the diapers half way to the airport. Or maybe your little one decides to dump cereal on their shirt 15 minutes before you’re supposed to jump in the car. Better early than sprinting through the airport or putting the pedal to the medal.


Pack healthy snacks

Airport food is incredibly overpriced and road trip food consists of grease and sugar so pack your own snacks. Try some of these and don’t forget the cooler!

  • -Nuts
  • -Trail mix
  • -Portable fruit like bananas, grapes and apples
  • -Simple sandwiches like PBJs
  • -String cheese
  • -Baby carrots


Entertainment is key

Whether you’re hitting the open road or preparing for takeoff, make sure you have enough activities to keep your children entertained for the whole trip. Here are some ideas:

  • -Sing songs together.
  • -Find every letter of the alphabet on license plates.
  • -“I spy with my little eye…”
  • -Stop by the library and rent some stories on CD or download them to your mp3 player. This is a great option for flying or   driving and will keep kids occupied for hours.
  • -Whoever spots 5 green cars…or 4 stoplights…or 3 horses… first wins.


Potty breaks

Figure out a potty break plan. Maybe you take your daughter to the bathroom and then your husband takes your son. Whoever’s left behind watches the stuff at the airport or waits in the car. It may seem like a simple task, but when traveling with kids, never underestimate the power of a plan.




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