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Want to Give Your Single Mom Friends the Perfect Christmas Present?


If you’re a parent with a partner, you may marvel at your single mom friends from time to time throughout the year and wonder how they manage to juggle it all.  She may appear to have it all, and she probably doesn’t need any more lotion or candles, but I bet there are a few things on her list she is reluctant to ask for this Christmas.

Of course, much of this is true for single dads too.


Be a Good Elf

Young children can’t just head off to the mall to go Christmas shopping, but they will really feel proud if mommy unwraps something special from them on Christmas morning.  You’re going shopping anyway… why not have a chat with mom and volunteer to bring the kids so they can buy something for her?  She can give you a good idea of how to guide them and provide their shopping money, and it will be a real treat for her to be genuinely surprised by their gifts.

If she’s a single mom because of a breakup with the children’s father, she probably doesn’t enjoy shopping for their Christmas present for him, so that’s another way friends can step in and be helpful.


Think Outside the Box

It’s just plain fun to wrap up a lovely gift to hand someone, but some of the best gifts don’t lend themselves to being wrapped.  You can’t actually create a few more hours in the day for your friend, but you can do the next best thing by helping her mow down that to-do list of things she hates doing.   Is she annoyed by DIY jobs around the house she lacks the time, confidence or skills to do?  How about a gift certificate from a local handyman?  You can probably arrange not to specify the exact job to be done if you are concerned she will take offence.  Everyone could use a few hours of skilled work fixing things around the house!  If she doesn’t exactly love gardening, a gift certificate from a local landscaper to come and give the yard a good spring cleaning in a few months so it will be ready for the kids to enjoy might be just the thing.  She’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness long after Christmas.  You can also make your own coupon good for an evening of you babysitting the kids.


Wrapping It Up

If you do want a more traditional gift of the easy to wrap variety, think about what will suit her busy life.  A book of short stories is better than a long, complicated novel if she rarely has time to sit down and relax.   A cookbook of quick and simple recipes might get more use than one full of ideas that involve hours of preparation.  And if you’ve been a good elf and asked what she’d like from her children, you already have some good ideas.


Aishwarya Vohra is a part-time writer and a full-time home maker. She has written in other places like this Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat Review. She has interest in all things creative, whether it is unique house decoration ideas or creating art from trash.

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