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Top 4 Fears for Children

Children, especially younger ones, will naturally have fears of things that don’t bother adults. Some of their fears might seem illogical, but they are very real to these children. The good thing is that most children tend to outgrow these fears as they grow older and get more life experience. With that being said, here are the top five fears in children.
The Dentist

The dentist is definitely one of the more common fears in children. Many children become scared and anxious when they have to go see the dentist because they’re afraid they will experience pain. A parent can ease a child’s fear of the dentist by explaining the procedure beforehand and reassuring him that it will not hurt. It’s also a good idea to choose a pediatric dentist who can help relax a child and engage him in a conversation during the procedure.
Monsters in the Closet

A lot of little children believe there are monsters in the closet and fear going to bed at night. One way a parent can ease a child’s fear of monsters is to explain to them that monsters are only pretend characters on television. Another way a parent can reduce a child’s fear of monsters is to minimize scary movies on television and scary stories.

Thunderstorms can really scare children, especially very little ones. The loud sounds of thunder can cause panic. The best way to calm a child during a thunderstorm is to distract him with other noise. For example, a parent can turn up the radio really loud or watch a movie with his child during the thunderstorm.

Although getting a haircut is very normal for most adults, some children actually fear getting their hair cut. Whether a child’s fear of haircuts is caused by a bad first experience or fear of new things, their parent can do a couple of things to make him more comfortable. For example, a parent can find a salon that caters to children so that there are fun distractions around like novelty chairs to sit in and televisions.


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