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Facing Testing Challenges in Light of Demographic Details

“Tests seem to be a necessary evil. Sometimes, there are frustrations because of the limitations tests place on classroom activities. The opportunity to really delve into a subject is restricted because testing standards must be met and curriculum strands covered. Public schools are evaluated according to test results while teachers attempt to convince the public that these measures of success and performance are faulty. Some teachers try to game the system by helping their students during testing situations.
In the general public, 64 percent of people believe that tests should play a role in teacher evaluations. In some states, tests already play a role in yearly evaluations. In Ohio, 24 of 26 data points used for consideration on school report cards are standardized test scores. Unfortunately, test performance is strongly tied to family income, especially in the case of the SAT. Teachers and administrators dealing primarily with low-income families are faced with an uphill battle in light of the statistical indications.”

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