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Missing Kid? There’s an App for That

One of the most fearful moments as a parent is the shock of realization that you aren’t sure where your child is. You turned around for just a moment and poof, they’re gone. Are they hiding behind that rack of sweat shirts, wandering another part of the store crying and looking for you, or did the unthinkable happen and someone is deliberately leading them off.

In this moment of panic it can be hard to have your wits about you. The FBI has introduced their first mobile app, designed to help parents be organized ahead of time for this unlikely event.

The app allows you to collect important details and a recent photo and have them ready on the phone in your pocket. Then you can easily display and share this information, even email it to the authorities in the event it becomes necessary.

You can download it for free from the iTunes app store now.

If you are an iPhone user go grab this app and get yourself a little peace of mind now and a little less panic later.


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