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Stop Outsourcing Education

This is not about the marginal utility of labor or about the increase of enabling technologies that have made the world flat. This is about getting parents more involved in their child’s education.

First let’s agree on a few things:

–       There is never enough time to do it all as parents…everyday we leave tons of things unfinished

–       Our children have teachers

–       There are lot of great gadgets, programs, tutors, etc that help our children learn

–       There is no substitute for our involvement as parents

Our children need to see us, their parents, demonstrate learning and education is important. This starts at a very early age. Before our children ever touch the formal education system we have the opportunity to create and feed their appetite for learning.

From birth she is learning: learning to manipulate her fingers, express her emotions, recognize faces, and make sounds. Our opportunity, our responsibility starts from day one.

If we outsource that responsibility to the computer, her teachers, the T.V., or her tutor how, will she ever understand we find value in her education? More importantly, without an environment that encourages learning, what will she really learn? Most of us cannot educate our children alone. Teachers, tutors, and technology likely will all play a part. But the glue that holds them all together should be you…the parent.

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