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Exciting New Features for Providers

Exciting new features for child care centers, preschools, inhome providers, nannies and babysitters!

1. Invite Parents to Get More Reviews

Now, from your home tab you can invite your current or past parents to MomTrusted.  When you get your parents to your profile you can substantially increase the number of reviews you have!  Invite them by searching your email contacts and selecting the appropriate people OR entering them by hand from your offline email list.

2. Get Your OWN Facebook Page

When someone “likes” your profile on MomTrusted we send it over to Facebook to get you more exposure.  When a parent clicks “like” that page is sent to their Facebook profile where all their friends and family can see that they like your services.

Don’t want to wait around for someone else to “like” you to get on Facebook?  You don’t have to!  Just go to your profile and click the “like” button.  Once your page is on facebook ANYONE can connect to it and learn more about your services.

3. Have a Question?  Confused about something?

Give us your Feedback!  Now from every page you can click on the “feedback” tab on the right hand side.  Here you can ask a question, give a suggestion, or tell us how great we are ;)  Never feel stuck again, let us know what’s going on and we’ll get back to you or fix the problem as fast as we can!

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