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Mom Trusted Reports put all of the information in your hands

The devastating fire at a Texas daycare that resulted in the death of children happened two years ago. Jessica Tata, who left the children unattended when she made a trip to Target, was found guilty of murder just last year. A thorough inspection of Tata’s safety standards and background may have prevented this tragedy.


At Mom Trusted, we recently launched our newest feature in an effort to place more information in parents’ hands. A Mom Trusted Report informs parents of potential compliance issues at childcare centers and daycares that they may be considering.


A detailed Mom Trusted Report includes:

  • – An overall Mom Trusted score that allows parents to quickly compare child care centers
  • – The total number of violations, inspections and their compliance results
  • – A detailed summary of violations including the violated code and why the care center did not meet standards
  • – Health and safety checks involving criminal records, employee records, CPR, first aid and transportation records
  • – Accreditation and credentials like those from the Better Business Bureau and state child care agencies
  • – Mom Trusted Reports even scans the internet to pull in any good or bad reviews, articles and filings around the selected child care center


Mom Trusted Reports places more information in the hand of parents searching for a safe daycare center for their children.


Get your Mom Trusted Report now!





-“Woman convicted of murder in Texas daycare fire that killed four children” Reuters:


Attention Bloggers and Social Network Users: Help Parents Find Childcare!

Help parents find care by posting this child care widget on your website, blog, or social profiles. When parents enter their zip code they are taken to a list of child care providers in their area where they can easily save, compare, and contact them. They can also talk to other parents in their area to find the best fit for their family.

Copy this code and paste it on your site or profile:

Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

Get your own Online Provider Business Card

How do you Promote Your Profile with your very own Provider Widget?

It’s easy!

1. Just login to your account and click on the “home” tab at the top of the page.

2. Use your mouse to select the Widget Code from the Your Widget Code box.

3. Copy the code from the box by holding down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and clicking on C (button on your keyboard) at the same time. (OR you can normally right click the mouse and choose “copy” from the menu that pops up).

4. Now go to your website, facebook profile, or wherever you are going to put your widget. Paste it there by clicking in the text area (somewhere you would be able to type text normally). You can paste by holding the Ctrl key and the V key at the same time OR right clicking in the text area and selecting “paste” from the menu that popped up.

Use your MomTrusted Personal Provider Widget to professionally link to your profile. Here’s an example:

Your widget shows your profile picture, provider name, provider type (facility, preschool, nanny, babysitter, inhome), the number of positive parent reviews you have, the first few lines of your descriptions, and links to your child care or preschool profile. This way new parents can easily find more information about your services and your current parents can quickly leave reviews. It’s like an online business card for your child care business or preschool!

Here’s a few other ideas for how to use your child care or preschool profile widget, use it in
– your email campaigns to your current parents
– your email signature
– classified ad postings across the web (craigslist, facebook, etc)
– your classroom blogs
– your website
– your signature on forum and chat sites (cafemom, momslikeme, babycenter, etc)
– all your social networking profiles (facebook, myspace, bebo, friendster, hi5, orkut)
– all your social media sites (youtube, yahoo profiles, bookmarking sites, etc)
ANYWHERE you promote yourself on the web! (if you have other ideas we would love to hear them!!)

If there are any places that do not allow you to use your provider widget code but will allow you to put a link to your website or profile…simply click on “View My Profile” from your “Home” tab (after you login on you will automatically be directed to this page). Once you are on your public profile, copy your unique url from the address bar of your internet browser. It should look something like this:

Use this url as your own personal website to allow new parents to get important information about your services quickly.

If you have any problems please feel free to contact me! :)

Now sign in with your Facebook account!

Parents…do you have a Facebook account?  Now you can log in or register on MomTrusted with your Facebook account.

Once you accept the registration through your Facebook account you will only need to remember your Facebook credentials to log in to  You will also  be able to “Like” your favorite Child Care, Preschool, and Inhomes providers.

Liking your favorite child care and early education provider not only helps them promote their business…it helps your friends and family know what has worked for you!  You probably already know that a recommendation from someone you trust is the best thing you can get when looking for child care or preschools.  So help your friends out and let them know the places you like!

Exciting New Features for Providers

Exciting new features for child care centers, preschools, inhome providers, nannies and babysitters!

1. Invite Parents to Get More Reviews

Now, from your home tab you can invite your current or past parents to MomTrusted.  When you get your parents to your profile you can substantially increase the number of reviews you have!  Invite them by searching your email contacts and selecting the appropriate people OR entering them by hand from your offline email list.

2. Get Your OWN Facebook Page

When someone “likes” your profile on MomTrusted we send it over to Facebook to get you more exposure.  When a parent clicks “like” that page is sent to their Facebook profile where all their friends and family can see that they like your services.

Don’t want to wait around for someone else to “like” you to get on Facebook?  You don’t have to!  Just go to your profile and click the “like” button.  Once your page is on facebook ANYONE can connect to it and learn more about your services.

3. Have a Question?  Confused about something?

Give us your Feedback!  Now from every page you can click on the “feedback” tab on the right hand side.  Here you can ask a question, give a suggestion, or tell us how great we are ;)  Never feel stuck again, let us know what’s going on and we’ll get back to you or fix the problem as fast as we can!

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