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New Study Finds Happier Kids

A new study found that kids who perform acts of kindness are happier and more accepting.

Researchers in Vancouver, Canada studied how performing kind acts influenced behavior, emotions and even popularity of 9 to 11 year-olds. The researchers had two groups: one was asked to visit three places each week, while the other was asked to perform three random acts of kindness each week.


The experiment lasted for four weeks and, in the end, when compared to previous test results, both groups of children were deemed happier. The ones who performed random acts of kindness, however, were also deemed more accepting of their fellow classmates.


Researchers believe that because the acts of kindness were intentional and planned, they created more positive, accepting attitudes among the children. Observers believe that this could be a solution to bullying in schools. By encouraging kind acts in children and creating more open-minded attitudes, the hope is that the acceptance will spread throughout school children.



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Our Latest Preschool Activities

We’ve had a lot of fun lately doing activities with the kiddos and wanted to share them with you. Try our latest preschool activities with your kids this weekend or after school!


Learn how to draw your hand in 3D using this simple optical illusion technique.


Painting with balloons gives your child a new squishy, flexible tool to work with.


A bunch of ideas for teaching your child about the five senses.


Recipe for how to make flubber.  This stuff has an amazing consistency and isn’t as messy as it looks. :)


This is an adorable printmaking idea that your kids will love.  I want to try this on canvas next time!


Fun little science project that’s easy, you probably have everything you need on hand, and the kids get to keep their experiment to play with.


We made this as a gift for my mother’s garden.  She loved it and was surprised at how easy it was to replicate this project.


I am totally fascinated by spin art.  My kids could do it for hours because each piece turns out different.


Cute printable coloring page for your little friendship bracelet makers.  Just in time to start the school year.


Looking for a gift idea for grandparents?  This one is perfect.  Click through to see how to make this reverse hand print artwork.

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